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Frequently Asked Questions

Crystal Canyon Purified Drinking Water
If you want drinking water that's crystal clear and has a clean, crisp taste, please try our Crystal Canyon Purified Drinking Water. Every bottle is produced exactly the same way in our State-of-the-Art Bottling facility that was new in 2000!

6-Step Purification Process
  1. We start our purification by removing any particles using carbon filtration.
  2. Crystal Canyon then uses a 5-micron filter to remove any impurities that are left.
  3. State-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis filtration is then used. The result? Very high-quality, crystal clear purified drinking water.
  4. We then compile filtering by using a 1-micron filter as a final polish.
  5. Fifth, we ozonate our water. This is completed by adding pure oxygen to the water to make sure that it is bacteriologic ally safe.
  6. Finally it goes into a bottle that had been washed and disinfected.

Crystal Canyon Flouridated Water
Purified through reverse osmosis this water has fluoride added for great family dental hygiene.

Crystal Canyon Distilled Water
Lab quality steam-distilled water perfect for a wide variety of purposes including autoclaves, machining and humidifiers and ions.

Answers to common questions
Q. I am a resident customer. How do I remember to leave my bottles out to be replaced?
A. Delivery dates can be checked online using your customer number and the last 4 digits of the primary phone number on the account. Otherwise, it is noted on your monthly bill.
Q. Who do I call if I run out of water?
A. Please visit our easy to use online system or call 1-800-699-9148.
Q. If I order online will my information be shared with others?
A. We respect your privacy and therefore do not share any information with anyone else.
Q. I have small children. Do I have to worry about them running the water onto the floor?
A. All of our hot water spickets automatically come with child-proof faucets. We can also place those on cold and room temperature spickets if a customer wishes.
Q. What can be said about the quality of Crystal Canyon Water?
A. All water companies are inspected and regulated by the same government agencies regardless of their size or location.
Q. How often is my water delivered?
A. Water is delivered once a month. Custom delivery schedules can be made if your quantity dictates at no extra charge.